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Having A Lovely Caravan Trailer

Want to explore the world and stay wherever and whenever you want with a place to relax of your own, caravans are there for you! Easy to tow behind your town vehicle, it provides you a homely comfort without any hassle of hotel bookings. Be it camping or just a small vacation by the country side, Caravan Trailers serves them all. You could customize your own Trailer as per the requirements, from a basic model which will only provide a place to sleep to the one which will be fully furnished and equipped like your home with several rooms and amenities.


Caravan Trailers are in use for more than half a century now so is the growth in their design and style. There are a variety of trailers available today, keeping in view the purpose and amount of usage. Ranging from a Fifth wheel trailer (attached to a pickup truck instead of a small vehicle), which is more secure than the traditional trailer, popular amongst those who spends several months at one place, and curtails the need of packing and unpacking again and again, to the Off-road Trailers, which are terrain friendly and allows you to explore even the most extreme areas of the country where other vehicles can’t reach.

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There are innovative Toy haulers also, in which a folding rear ramp is set up, which enables “toys” like motorcycles, ATVs, racecars etc. to be brought to the country side as it is divided into two halves- a living area and a garage. Then you can also choose the ones which are used by your favourite superstars as their dressing rooms, known as Double-decker- easily movable and spacious when set up.christmas-caravan-desert-1366x768

The country has seen a tremendous growth in the caravan industry since past few years because of the improved quality and accessibility. The castle on wheels, as many of us might call them, comes loaded with ample of benefits. You can’t deny with the fact that these magical wheels are flexible as they provide full flexibility related to your stay-where, when and for how long, with a touch of your home comforts.

You can’t even underestimate the amount of freedom you get by taking your caravan along. You don’t need to follow any schedule, or any sort of timely plan which restricts you to cherish the moments of your vacation to the fullest. These castles on wheels are at your command throughout the journey. Though they come with a price, it wholly depends upon you to choose the one which is most appropriate for you.

video below show a personal built caravan trailer inside:

People have been using these for years now for their travel across the states and still relish the comfort, freedom and moreover a feeling of owing it. From the point of view of safety, they provide enough protection during the travel. You can cook, sleep, and store the essentials of your travel efficiently.

So if you are a travel enthusiast, a caravan trailer is all you need. Owe one, and you have the whole world waiting for your exploration. If you interested in caravan history or some popular models, you may want to check this wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Travel_trailer

Why Buy A Holiday Home in Berwick Upon Tweed

Berwick-upon-Tweed is an ideal place to buy a static caravan for sale as it’s a town located in beautiful Northumberland with lots of things to see and do. In fact, it’s hard to know where to start for the obvious fact that there are more than enough at your disposal to choose from. In case you’re visiting soon or maybe you’re already there, here are the top most things to look for.

Five Great Reasons To Buy A Static Caravan For Sale In Berwick Upon Tweed –

The Elizabethan Walls

Don’t leave the town without paying a visit to Elizabethan Walls, which were originally built to keep away marauding Scots. To walk around this beautiful and historic site, it would take you around one hour and I bet you won’t get enough of looking at the walls, which are more than 1 mile long. It also provides magnificent views over the town together with its lovely sandy beaches and the Tweed Estuary.

The Swan Centre

If you’ve never visited the Swan Centre, then you can’t claim to have known how to spend your leisure time. In fact, it’s purely for Leisure. Whether you’re visiting with your family, a lone or as a group, there are lots of activities here for everyone no matter the age and personality. With lots of playing areas for little kids, you don’t have to worry about their safety. The swan center is arguably the best swimming center for everyone.Three pools are available and are designed to accommodate any ability as well as age. Talk about their staff, I would say they are attentive, polite and professional to say the least. They give you access to whatever sporting activity that you would wish to engage in. The center is not to be missed by anybody who loves to have fun.

Barrels Ale House

Looking for a nice place to help you unwind? Well, look no further, Barrels Ale House has it all as far as good drinks are concerned. The club is warm and welcoming for lack of a better word to describe it. With good beer at a logical price, you’ll drink to your feel as you relax. I bet you’ll always come back every evening during your stay in Berwick-upon-Tweed.
Paxton House

If you’re a lover of history, the Paxton House is a ‘must visit’ for you. The house contains a lot of history as well as fantastic picture gallery that you will want to look at for hours. Look out for the Tweed and take a walk up to the fishing station for a lovely experience.

The ground alone is worth paying for with a striking riverside walk not mentioning the lovely Adventure Playground for young children. Again, the food here is not only excellent but affordable too. Just go and see for yourself and you won’t regret it.

Berwick upon-Tweed Barracks & Main Guard

If you’re always interested in military matters, then you can’t leave the town without visiting the barracks and the main guard to see for yourself the details of various soldiers as well as the part they played as far as the battalions were concerned. You’ll find a very helpful staff ready to lead you to wherever place you want to go as well as answer all your questions.

As you can see Berwick Upon Tweed offers lots to keep you occupied should you decide to purchase a static caravan for sale in this lovely part of Northumberland.